What We Need From You For A Consultation

For a plot or manuscript consultation we need the manuscript to be finished. Including your own personal rounds of edit and maybe even beta rounds. Please don't do a professional line edit before we see the story. We can almost guarantee you will be changing things after the consultation, and the professional line edit is the LAST thing you want to do before submitting. You will be given some lessons in structure and asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your story. Be prepared to think long and hard about your story. Also be willing to change things around and add and cut things from the story. This might feel or be hard, but it will be the best for the story.

Sometimes if you have the book structure figured out and a comprehensive outline, we can do a plot consult with out the manuscript being finished.

For lunch or the four week mentoring we need for you to have a story idea that is solid and mostly fleshed out. The manuscript doesn't have to be finished.

For the week long intensive boot camp, we ask that you have a week that is less stressful and open time to write and work on your story. We also suggest that you carve time out sometime this week to spend time on yourself before and after the boot camp sessions. Yoga, long walks, reading something you want to read, and chocolate are highly underrated for us authors.

For a blurb or query consult the manuscript should be finished and solid. There's no point in working on the blurb or query if the story is going to change. It's wasting your money.

For the online class or writers block blast we just need to be contacted. Same with "The Writing Book". Although watching the lessons on Master Chapter Outline and Story Structure is best before you try to tackle a story in "The Writing Book".

Fine print details:
If you have questions or concerns please feel free to email me at michelle at cmichellejefferies dot com or using the contact form on the website.
If you need to make a payment (check or money order) other than paypal or through square (in person) your spot will be secured when the check clears the bank. If you need to mail me the payment, contact me for my address.
If your manuscript exceeds the normal size of 60 – 90 K please contact me and I will give you a new quote on pricing.
Please no graphic horror, erotica, or bizzaro.

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